How to Layer Strip Lashes

Think falsies are one-size-fits-all? Think again! You can truly give clients a one-of-a-kind look by layering strip, individual and accent lashes. Here, Ardell shows three ways to layer false lashes over its Wispies Strip Lash for truly unique results.

Individual Flare: Individual lashes help to fill in sparse areas in your design, create more symmetry and open up eyes.

Do This: Begin by applying individual short or medium lashes in the center of the eye. Then, working toward the outer corner, add a couple of graduatedl ength individuals to blend. Finally, add serious volume by layering Ardell Double Individual lashes.

Accented: A half lash or accent lash helps emphasize the outer corner of the eye for a cat-eye effect.

Do This: Layer an accent lash over the strip lashes, lining up the edge with the outer corner of the eye.

Turn Up the Volume: : If all-out lush lashes are what she craves, this technique delivers.

Do This: Choose a more wispy, lengthy lash (like Wispies) as your fi rst strip. Then, stack a second strip on top that’s shorter in length but thicker in volume (like Ardell Cluster Wispies 603).

[Image: Courtesy of Ardell]

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