An Interesting thought for flare vs. single lashes

Flare Lashes are applied in individual lash bunches. They are more dramatic looking and requires less time to apply – typically 40-45mins. You do not need to be reclined on a massage bed, you can simply sit comfortably in a chair for this procedure. Refills are not applicable, as this is more for a one-time special occasion ie. wedding, party, etc.  They last approximately 2-3 weeks long.  Mascara and curlers are not required as the clusters are dramatic enough without it. Clients can get a new set done once all the lash clusters have shed, but it’s not recommended for long-term use. 

However, most recently, the Single Lashes are taking over. The reason is that Flare lashes worn long term can cause damage to your natural lashes. They are significantly heavier causing excess weight plus there is a risk that they glue on to your baby lashes causing thinning over time. Single extensions are better just because they are applied one by one to your natural lashes allowing the natural lash to grow independently.

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